Kao Saephan

“At this point, photography is my whole entire life. Being creative has consumed me.”

S: What kind of camera(s) and equipment do you work with?

K: For my analog work, I shoot with a Minolta X-700. For digital, I use a fujifilm x-t10. And I rotate between 2 lenses, a 28mm and a 50mm.

S: Do you have a preference for camera and equipment, and if so, why?

K: Definitely. I just love how compatible and admire the simplicity of Minolta analog cameras. They’re timeless cameras. And for digital, nothing compares to mirrorless fujifilm cameras. I don’t think I’ll ever own a different brand.

S: How long have you been shooting photography?

K: Consistently? Only 1 year. But the first time I picked up a camera was at the age of 13. It was a hobby that I quickly grew out of back then. Only recently have I revisited and completely fell back in love with photography.

S: Is photography more of a hobby, work, or both?

K: At this point, photography is my whole entire life. Being creative has consumed me. I’m constantly thinking about different concepts for photo shoots and different ways to tell stories via photographs. The goal is to one day make my living entirely off creating photos.

S: What subjects do you like to work with?

K: Humans and landscapes. Humans because each one of us are unique and we all have our own personal stories to tell. And landscapes because I love finding the beauty in mundane everyday things.

S: Are there certain locations that you work best in? Indoor or outdoor? Why?

K: Outdoors in nature. I find myself shooting in nature quite often. There’s just something that’s completely natural and serene about portraits in nature.

S: Is there a specific tone that you look for in your photos?

K: No specific tone per se, but I do have a “vintage” feel to my photos. Which is one of the reasons why I love shooting on 35mm film.

S: Is color important in your photography?

K: When I first started, I shot nothing but black and white because color intimidated me. Theres so much to learn and appreciate about color and I only recently started to experiment with it.

S: What is your editing process like?

K: For my analog photos, there is zero editing process. The way the photo comes out after being developed and scanned is the way I keep them. For digital images, I use Adobe Lightroom.

S: What inspires you in your work and style of photography?

K: I get my inspiration mainly from movies and music. If I’m not shooting photos, I’m more than likely watching some indie film or listening to records.

S: Do you have any long-term goals in regards to your work?

K: Long term goal would be to own my own photo studio and professional darkroom. If I could make a living purely off creating photos, I would be happy with my life.

Interview by Stephanie Barraza