Tiyana Williams

When I create, I feel as if I am learning.”

“Through her teeth is more outgoing than she was; Planted the butterfly in the ashtray.”

S: How would you describe your artwork?  

T: Within my content, I strive to have my work speak for itself. An intimidating approach of presenting what is truthful to me, but also incorporating playful, and receptive imagery.

S: How did you first become involved with making art? Is this your full-time passion?

T: Since my childhood I took an interest to the arts, but 2016 is when I seriously followed suit with my artistic journey. With that being said, this is my full time passion, and I Am grateful for every opportunity that is presented to me.

S: What inspiration do you draw from your artwork?

T: Great question, I can speak of self interests that reflects from my art such as : music that I listen to, movies that gave me a creative spark, to the mainstream material that I see or the material that is considered underground to the books that I have read – that is a filled day worth talking about. My philosophy is that inspiration can be pulled from almost anywhere, and it is amazing to see how that can be incorporated into art besides getting too specific on things. This question had me pondering for awhile, and I will say that self discovery can be an  inspirational factor. When I create, I feel as if I am learning. I like to learn, and to be much more assertive than I was the day before. The ultimate goal is to learn something new, and apply it to art or to something else that I do in my everyday life. Generally speaking.

“Junkyard Treasures”

S: What is your process when you create your artwork? Are you consistent with one approach or various?

T: To be truthful, I Am not consistent. Oh jeez I’m such a mess as an artist. To create a mess and to be spontaneous while doing so. I bore when things are too technical. I can also say that it is interesting and funny to take into account of when I create in my box sized room, and when I create in my art classes. There is a shift.

S: What tools do you utilize to make your pieces?

T: As for the tools that I use: scissors, paper, paints (acrylic most likely used) ,cardboard, and pretty much anything that I can manipulate. Oh! I can not forget to mention my tablet which is considered to me to be the best thing since sliced bread. To note also is that I use both analog and digital equipment.

S: What is the art scene like in the Central Valley? What makes you different from other artists?

T: Lastly, still getting use to the art scene in the Central Valley (I’m a city girl from L.A) so everything is new to me living in Visalia. I have not traveled much which I should, but when I do I will not hesitate to be helpful in the best way that I can in the art community here. I am curious to see what is to come. As far as what makes me different from other artist’s is in my approach I guess, my upbringing and who I Am as a person. Though, I feel as one with others when it comes down to doing what we love.

“Heart and Soul”

Interview by Stephanie Barraza